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PHP Mass/Bulk Emailer

PHP auto mailer to send mails from your own server to the intended recipients.

PHP Mass/Bulk EmailerOverview

PHP Mass/Bulk Emailer is a powerful PHP script that will allow you to send out large number of emails from your own server to the intended recipients safely.

Key Features:
- Powerful and secure web-based PHP Auto Mailer
- No MySQL database needed, installation on your server can be done within 5 minutes using any FTP clients
- Tested to be use safely by a number of websites to send out 25,000+ daily newsletters
- Avoid being junked - by sending mails using your server's PHP mail() function
- Allow the usage of external SMTP server
- Allow HTML, Plain Text and Personalized emails
- Full supports with regular updates

Other Advantages:
- As emails are sent out in several 'small lists', it use less resources on server
- Can pause/resume the process at anytime
- Simple and feasible to use with standard PHP mail() function
- Can set interval time/mails per interval to best match your server's performance
- Can be left running safely over night
- Can be installed on most servers and does not require a database to use
- Password system prevent undesired users from accessing the script

Server Requirements:
- PHP version 4+
- A working PHP mail() function on the server
- Web browser that supports JavaScript
- To use external SMTP function, make sure your server have PEAR package installed

The requirements are very basic, and most web hosting should already satisfied these requirements by default.

Easy Installation in 4 Steps:
1. Download the package and unzip it
2. Open file email_manager.php with notepad, on the 4th line of code change variable of $thePassword from 'mailer' into your desired password - this is for security purpose
3. Upload email_manager.php to your server's FTP
4. Access email_manager.php on your server with your web browser and start using the script


Fixed some bugs.

PHP Mass/Bulk EmailerInformation

File Size
Operating Systems
Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 98,Mac OS X,Unix,Linux
System Requirements
No additional system requirements.
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